• Catalog Master

  • $0/mo
  • Design solutions. It’s easy.


    •    Produce printed and online catalogs for collectibles dealers and auction houses
    • Manage all administrative tasks including creation of mailing lists, public auctions and mail sales
    • Provide a comprehensive inventory and consignment database
    • Enable the user to customize all elements of the software to improve workflow and provide numerous utilities to automate bulk operations
    • Offer a complete accounting system for auction and/or office

  • Production Features

  • $0/mo
  • Catalog production made easy.


    •    Offers elegantly designed online and printed catalogs
    •    Easy to organize and track lot descriptions and catalog photography
    •    Improve your catalog content with our extensive reference for coins and stamps
    •    Produce catalogues in multiple languages

  • Office Software

  • $0/mo
  • Integrated office software features.


    •    Online Bidding System – enter bids, enter floor and phone bids
    •    Integrate and shares data with other applications, websites
    •    Provide a comprehensive inventory and consignment
    •    Creates mailing lists for targeted marketing
    •    Offer a complete accounting system for auction and/or office

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catalog Master?

Catalog Master is an integrated group of programs designed primarily to produce printed and online catalogs for collectibles dealers and auction houses and manage all administrative elements of the client’s businesses.

Can I purchase Catalog Master online?

Because Catalog Master is completely customizable, please contact us for all purchasing inquiries.

Can I customize Catalog Master?

Every purchase of Catalog Master is customizable and you have the option to choose whichever parts of the suite would work for your business.

Does Catalog Master run on Apple / Mac?

Catalog Master runs only on Windows. However most newer versions of the Mac have Intel chips and support Windows as an additional operating system. Catalog Master will run fine in those environments.

What kind of user support is included with Catalog Master?

Full support and training for the first year is included as part of the purchase price. Support contracts after the first year are available. These are optional and vary in price depending on the client’s needs. Most of our clients opt for them.

Can Catalog Master be leased?

There are also options to lease the software. With this option, the client may discontinue the lease at any time, without further obligation; lease charges are not refundable. Lease charges may however be applied to the purchase price, making this in effect a “lease/purchase” option. Please inquire for further details.

Can I export my auction from Catalog Master to my website?

Catalog Master offers full support for the internet. Catalog output can be done in HTML format, and streamed to your website. An integral FTP client allows you to send an entire directory of your catalog photos to your website in one quick operation.

Can I export a Catalog Master catalog to layout programs?

Catalog Master has full support for output to the major printed catalog platforms such as Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker and PageMaker, Corel Ventura, QuarkXpress and RichText.

Can Catalog Master be integrated with live auctioneers and other online auction platforms?

Yes, it can. The degree of integration varies with the online site. Catalog Master has export options for over 20 online sites.

How many licenses are included with each purchase of Catalog Master?

Catalog Master is sold on a per-company basis, not per-user.

What kind of server does Catalog Master run on?

Any Windows or Linux computer made within the last 10 years can function as the server for Catalog Master. Some clients use as a “server” a simple workstation. Catalog Master normally uses MySQL as the database back-end, but can also run on Oracle, MS SQL Server and other SQL-based server databases.

Is my data safe? Who owns my data?

Each client owns their own data and Catalog Master has a number of higher level safeguards to track all attempts to maliciously steal or destroy your sensitive data. We are also available to advise or implement secure backup systems.